Practice of Life

My experience

My ten-year experience shows: due to Reiki procedures, both physical and soul suffers are being removed painlessly, the joy of living is being regained, the relations with close ones are being improved.

My way to learning and practicing of Reiki

My way in the spiritual development is my faith in the power of prayers. A few times, some “wise women” helped me with prayers. They removed fears, redness of skin, and hernia at one scoop. I knew since childhood: there is something invisible that can help you. When you say “God, bless me!”, you are really helped. Now, I am sure that it is actually so. It is the God-given help. The spiritual development is namely the faith in the supreme forces.
In a definite period of my life, I understood that I am interested in something greater in this world – in Aura, Soul, Subtle World, healing energy.
I began to study Reiki, the training system “Further Energy Information Development”, the Slavic system of spiritual healing “Zhiva”, as well as to practice Qigong. I took part in different seminars, got acquainted with new spiritual Teachers.
This all is the way of the spiritual development that makes you happy, healthy and rich – both spiritually and materially.

Just believe!

In course of the learning I was eager to apply my knowledge practically and to help people healing them and regaining their joy of life.
During the Reiki treatments, many people do not believe in themselves and in an effective healing without medicines and surgical interference. Indeed, the faith does not come at once. It is very difficult to convince us that the Subtle World – the Devine World really exists! I am happy and thankful to Got for having the gift to help people in this way. After all, you think sometimes: “Is it really possible?” – “Yes, it is possible, indeed! Everything is possible with God!”
During my treatment, the patients have their kidney stones crushed, the kidneys are being purified, the general body state is being restored, and the patients regain their faith in life, in the happy life!