Treatment and Procedures

Effect of the treatments:
– Promotion of physical health
– Restoring of mental health
– Improving of life quality

The Reiki healing consists in receiving of additional energy. Reiki brings you your own power. Reiki reveals itself in each sphere – at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
During the healing, the negative blocks that often are the main reason of physical and psychic sufferings are being removed. The energy points (chakras) are being balanced, the harmony is being restored in the whole.
After the Reiki healing, the person starts to perceive the life values in a different way, he or she feels cheerful and happy.

Reiki procedures:
• The direct contact is performed with laying-on-of-hands.
• The psychological healing lies in the directing the energy on the definite problem that is associated with the psychic disorder.
• Remoted Reiki healing – the energy is being committed through the space and time at any place and at any time.

Know yourself!
Reiki is used for promotion of the person’s self-recovery and healing.
Healing yourself with the help of Reiki you can also heal other people.